An elite British soldier and medic admits the accepted killing of a seriously injured comrade on the basis of triage. He documents his testimony on video in the operational area immediately after the event and wants to make this unknown aspect of the war clear to other candidates.


We started this short in 2017 with a rough idea and wrote the first draft in 2018. The script was then reduced more and more... until we thougt to have found the essence of it. We think there is no need to tell or show more than we did now. After a longer period of researching, everything was focused on a convincing situation, surrounding and acting.

That's why we created the film in two versions. A German and an English version. Subtitles would destroy the overall picture. The same reason led to the decision to make the film in one shot. Due to the fact, that the medic is a British soldier, the English version ist the "original" one.


The laurels we received so far ...

The Team behind the film

Dino Stahl (Writer & Director)

born in Munich, he studied industrial engineering in Kaiserslautern and film and television directing in Hamburg (Germany). His short film “Der Tankwart” was nominated for the “Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis” in 2019 and was screened at numerous other festivals.

Ryan Wichert (Actor)

is a British-German actor who trained at the London Drama Centre, where Tom Hardy, Colin Firth and Emilia Clarke and many more learned their craft before him. In 2018, he moved to Berlin and was cast in the Golden Globe-winning Netflix series 'The Queen's Gambit,' directed by Oscar nominee Scott Frank.

Paul Friedrich Roloff (DoP)

born in Hamburg, he studied creation, editing and animation in Hamburg (Germany). 2019 Paul shot his first feature film Lest You Forget and worked for numerous other productions.

Armin Teymourian (Production Design)

born and raised in Germany studied directing in Hamburg (Germany). He worked on the six-part mini-series „Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes“ alongside established director Sven Bohse and the well known actor Matthias Brandt.

Christian Goes (Gaffer)

is an experienced camera operator and editor. He studied film and tv in Hamburg (Germany) and works mainly as a video editor.

Simone Lupieri (Sound-Designer)

is a young sound designer based in Berlin, inspired and intrigued by psychoacoustics of fear, acoustic ecology, bioacoustics and in general crafting mind bending sonic artefacts!

Molly (Make-Up Artist)

is the the person behind "Hellcome to Mollywood". She is known for her work in "Trakt X".
It shouldn't be pretty but creepy, bloody and dirty then go get Molly.